Once again, the Temps had another successful year.  We played multiple weddings, celebrating love and the start of new life adventures.  We journeyed up near the top of Vancouver Island to play Sointula and Port Moody to play for music lovers and party goers.  The Bard and Banker welcomed us and the Irish Times continues to be our home with great staff and stellar clientele.

This Thursday, New Years Eve, will be our last show until February 2016.  The boys will be taking a break in January, but have a solid schedule throughout 2016 with more weddings, celebrations, parties, and weekends at the Irish Times.

Thank you for supporting us, booking us, and coming to our shows.  We always appreciate seeing old and new faces, and hearing how we made your evening just that much more special.

We hope 2015 brought you much happiness and great life experiences, and that 2016 will bring you many more.

Happy New Years to you.

The Temps